PS:  I love you:  13 Sample PS’s

We all know that the P.S. gets read.  We know it’s the most critical part of our end of year appeal.  If you’re like me, choking on writer’s block as I struggle to come up with the perfect closing line for my letter, you’re probably looking for some sample P.S.’s to help you get started thinking about what you can say.  So here you are —13 sample PS’s. 

PS:  Remember that only donations received by December 31st will be matched by our generous supporter who has agreed to match the first $10,000 we receive.

PS:  Unless the Lazarus Project receives your support today, the enclosed pictures may be the last ones you see of the gastric breeding frog.  We need your help to prevent extinction today.

 PS:  You can help children like [name the child you discussed earlier in your letter] all year-long by becoming part of our exclusive monthly donor club today.

 PS:  It only takes $8 per month to provide a warm meal each day to people like [Joe].  Please give today.

 PS:  Your gift of $45 will provide a life-changing hour of trauma therapy to an abused child in our community.

 PS:  Your gift of $35 last year helped [“Billy”] receive his G.E.D.  Can we count on you for the same support this year?

 PS:  Remember, every donor who gives $100 or more before December 31st will receive our exclusive member travel mug.

 PS:  This is the last opportunity we can offer to become a founding member of our Dream Builders monthly giving club through a commitment to give $25/month.

 PS: [The person I told you about in my letter above] is now doing well because of generous gifts like yours. Your gift of $25 today will help others like her to learn to read.

 PS:  While [Kelly] is now clean and sober, she still needs your support to find employment through our job training program.  Will you give a gift of $35 to help give people in our community like Kelly the skills she needs to become financially independent?

 PS:  Your gift of $100 will help with critical research to find a cure for children like Grace.

 PS:  Sam needs a cure today.  Help fund break-through research by giving a gift of $50.

 PS:  This holiday season, no one should be sleeping on the streets.  Help us provide a warm, soft bed in our clean and safe shelter by sending your gift of $10 today.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Effective PS’s

Remember:  A good PS offers some or all of the following:

  • A sense of urgency
  • Appreciation
  • A tangible way to help
  • A specific amount of money to give
  • An ask for monthly giving
  • A limited time opportunity


A good PS doesn’t:

  • Distract from your main message by talking about your upcoming event or latest publication.
  • Offer people a way to help other than through giving (like a “sign up to volunteer” call—leave those calls to action for another time.  Right now you need money so ask for money).


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