I know you’re getting ready for Giving Tuesday, but are you also prepared for Cyber Monday?

Your peeps are going to be shopping so why not ask them to shop in a way that not only checks off the names on their gift-giving list, but also helps you at the same time? 

There are a number of ways that people can designated a charity to benefit from their purchases.  Here are a couple of my favorites:


Once you register your charity with iGive.com, you can promote the service to your staff, board, clients, volunteers, and fans.  Your supporters visit iGive.com.  They enter their names and emails and are then asked to choose a cause.  They type in your organization, their favorite charity, of course. Then, they do a simple install of a browser add-on that is automatically detected by participating stores’ websites.  A designated percentage of your purchase—which varies slightly from store to store—is automatically contributed to your organization, their charity of choice. 

With iGive, the charitable donation comes out of the store’s profit.  It isn’t added to the check-out cost of your supporter so simply by purchasing something he or she wants at a price they already planned to pay, your organization benefits. 

There are several thousand stores that participate in iGive including many that your organization may shop at such as 4imprint.com, VistaPrint, Hotels.com, CheapTickets.com, and GoToMeeting as well as many consumer favorites like Verizon.com, LL Bean, Chico’s, the Gap. 



Ask your supporters to shop through Amazon’s Smile site instead of its regular one.  The sites are the same, offering the same merchandise at the same prices, with the same customer shopping experience, but the difference is that the consumer can designate a charity to receive a portion of his or her purchase price.  Your constituents are most likely already shopping through amazon.com for everything from books and electronics to toys, shampoo, and make-up.  This makes this an easy way to increase your support.

The ask is an easy one to make because, just like with iGive.com,  the donation comes from Amazon and not from your constituent.

While these two options don’t cover all online consumer shopping, they cover a very large segment of it.  Signing your charity up for these two services and aggressively promoting them in the lead up to the holiday shopping season is a simple way to boost your giving.

Sign up today and then promote these opportunities to your fans!  This the perfect time of year to be reminding people to sign up and choose you because they’re about to shop.  Why wouldn’t they want to help you at the same time?