6 Ways to Make Email Subscribers Out of Your Social Media Followers

Given that it is so valuable to have email addresses, to have people on your eNews lists (because email open and conversion rates are so much higher than social media reach and conversion rates), one of your social media goals should definitely be to convert your social media fans, likes, and followers to email subscribers. See my earlier blog about emailing more not less here.

So how do you do that? Here are 6 Ways to find the email addresses and receive the permission of followers to be added to your email lists:

(1) Social media messaging: Reach out to your followers, connections, and page fans through the messaging system of the social media forum through which you’ve connected and ask them if you can add them to your email list. For example, with LinkedIn, immediately after you connect while the interest is high, reach out with a message and simply ask. You could say something like “We have a newsletter on.[whatever your common interest is]. Would you like me to add your name to it? Don’t worry – you can unsubscribe at any time if it’s not right for you.” 

(2) Landing pages on your website:  Issue invitations through your social media platforms to content that is presented through a landing page. A landing page is simply a page that has an invitation to subscribe beside some resource that you are willing to share. See for example, the Landing Page that hosts a Special Events Evaluation Form that I created. Sharing these resources is probably one of the most effective ways that people build their email lists. Consider how you and your nonprofit can create landing pages. Are there topics on which you are an expert that the public would be interested in?  What are those topics? Can you write an eBook, check-list, planning tool, or other resource? For examples:

  • How to pack a backpack
  • A Campfire Cookbook
  • 25 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint
  • How to Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Pet in Your Home
  • How to Start a Conversation with a Loved One with Dementia about Driving 
  • Making Art out of Recycled Materials
  • 25 Things to Do with Your Child Other Than Watch TV

You can share your landing pages by posting or tweeting them out to your followers with the link to your web landing page.

(3) Post Invitations through your social media networks to your newsletter with invitations to subscribe. On many social media networks, people will post a link to this week’s enews or tweet something to the effect of “This week’s eNews is out!” and link to it. This lets your social media followers know what’s in your newsletter and what they would be receiving by email if they subscribed. Often, a follower will see your eNewsletter and decide to sign up to be sure he or she doesn’t miss it.

(4) Integrate a sign-up form on social media sites: Facebook has a way to embed a newsletter sign up form and some other social media sites do as well.

(5) Newsletter sign-up forms on your website: Make sure your website has a newsletter sign up form in multiple places.  Push your social media followers to your website (by encouraging their visits to blog posts and other news and events on your website). Then, with multiple invitations on your website, the hope is that they see many opportunities and encouragement to subscribe.

(6) Distribute the Distribution:  Facebook has penalized businesses who don’t use paid advertisement in the distribution of their content (even to their followers who have expressed interest in seeing that content), but a nonprofit’s staff, Board members, and volunteers can post a nonprofit’s content and distribute it without the content being blocked from distribution.  Nonprofits can enlist the help of their volunteers (including Board members) and staff to post on their behalf to make sure the message gets through to as wide of an audience as possible.

As Facebook’s rule changes have shown, your access to your followers on social media sites can change over time. You can’t take it for granted, especially when it’s being given to you for free. It’s rare that anything is truly free and even rarer that something is free forever. You want your fans on your email list not only because email marketing is still more efficient and effective, you also want them on your email list because then someone can’t change the rules and take away your access to them.

Capture email addresses and build your lists now! 


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