10 Ways to Use Social Media to Strengthen Grant Seeking

Whether you want to fine-tune your writing skills, show appreciation for current funders, or build relationships with prospective funders, there are many ways you can use social media to strengthen your grant writing and foundation relations. Here are 10 ways to boost your grant writing program with your social media participation:

  1. Follow your funders on Social Media – they often announce funding opportunities over social media networks.
  2. Subscribe to the eNews of funders of interest. You’ll be able to keep up with their funding priorities, changes in staffing, and funding announcements that way.
  3. Check out the board members of funders of interest on LinkedIn. See if you have any 2nd level connections in common who might make an introduction.
  4. Tweet often to practice writing succinct messages. It will help you with brief online application forms with limited character or word counts.
  5. Join LinkedIn Groups of people with similar interests to yours or join groups of nonprofit professionals. Some of these groups post grant opportunities.
  6. Tweet occasional, appropriate messages to funders you follow (don’t be an obnoxious cyber-stalker, but do let funders know, favoriting as you would others’.
  7. now that you are interested, listening, and care). Add value when you can. Engage with funders’ content as appropriate—retweeting andDitto on funders’ Facebook page.
  8. Post pictures of your programs in action on social media sites (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter) and share with (tag!) your funders.
  9. Set Google Alerts for “funding opportunities” or “request for proposals” and “your topic” (youth development, environment, conservation, homelessness, etc.) so you don’t miss online  announcements of new grant opportunities.
  10. Give your funders a shout out! Thank them on social media. Tweet your appreciation. Show them the love on Facebook. Pin a picture of what they’ve made possible on Pinterest. There are as many ways to say thank you on social media as there are social media sites. Your funders will appreciate the gratitude as much as you appreciate their partnership in making your good work possible.

Banner Photo used with permission. Copyright: Bigstock.com/rawpixel .com