When the other 82% gets its head out of the sand!?!

#GivingTuesday has already become an amazing global movement, raising close to $46 million in 2014. If I were a betting woman,  I would wager that the 2015 #GivingTuesday effort will raise even more. Afterall, giving on #GivingTuesday grew 95% between 2013 and 2014 and a reported 240% growth between 2013 and 2015. Growth is a good bet. The question, it seems to me, is not if there will be growth, but how much.

However, a new study by the John Templeton Foundation reveals that only 18% of the American public is aware of #GivingTuesday.

The Independent Sector tells us that cumulatively the economies of all nonprofit organizations combined would make the world’s 7th largest country. Yet, with our collective calls to action we’ve managed to attract the attention of only 18% of the American public.

82% of the American public is apparently operating in blissful ignorance of a call to action that is being spread by a a large portion of the 7th largest economy in the world.  There is a lot of “market share”still up for grabs.

For many, #GivingTuesday is a welcome reprieve from the consumerism of the Thanksgiving to New Years’ holiday season, especially for millennials, 80% of whom indicated, in the same John Templeton Foundation study, indicated that they believed there should be a day designated for charitable giving during the November – December winter holidays.

If the third sector can raise $46 million with only 18% of the general public aware, just imagine what we can accomplish with greater awareness! What un-realized potential we have–what great opportunities! We’ve just got to help the ostriches get their heads out of the sand!