Do people flock to your website in droves, click madly on your “donate now” button, and dump large amounts of money into your donor portal?

No? Well, then, why would you expect that to happen on Giving Tuesday? The reality is that donations won’t stream in on Giving Tuesday unless you put a plan in place for them to. Unless you make Giving Tuesday your organization’s crowdfunding campaign, it will be just like any other day. You’ll have a donate button on your web page and a few people will stumble by and click on it.

You have to push or pull people to your website, to your Giving Tuesday online appeal, to your donate button to get them to go there. Otherwise, it’s like sitting on the sidewalk shaking a tin cup.

I know, there is media coverage of Giving Tuesday and some people will donate on that day. But there are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States (and additional ones in other parts of the world). You need to make it clear to people that they need to come to your website, to your GivingTuesday page, to your donate button. You think of your organization when you think “nonprofit” and “GivingTuesday” but who else does? Many people will be thinking about their son’s Boy Scout troop, their daughter’s soccer team, the PTA, the Little League team, their garden club, and the ballet. We all have affiliations to many nonprofit organizations and we’ll probably only donate to one or two on GivingTuesday. So you need to be and to remind people that you are their favorite nonprofit organization.

How do you do that? How do you drive people to your website on #GivingTuesday?

  1. Sign up ambassadors. You can call them something else if you like! Sign up people who will commit to using their personal social capital to push your message (and not others’) on #GivingTuesday.
  2. Give your ambassadors the tools they’ll need. Beyond providing access to a fundraising platform (like Crowdrise or GiveLively or simply using Facebook), you need to equip your ambassadors with at least 1 compelling story (or help them identify their own personal compelling story). Give them a name and a picture of the person (or furry friend) at the heart of the story. Remember: research continues to confirm that a single personal story is more powerful in motivating giving than data.  No “thousands” helped reports or infographics.  Give them a picture and story! Your ambassadors will also need sample email messages or social media posts.
  3. Send your ambassadors reminders. We’re all well-intentioned buy busy. Don’t let the day come and go without them hearing from you and knowing how important their help is.
  4. Show your ambassadors the love! Remember, there are 1.5 million nonprofits in the US (and more in the rest of the world). They could choose to be an ambassador for anyone. They’ve chosen you. Tell them how honored and grateful you are. Tell them they make a difference. They are your GivingTuesday Super Heroes. Thank them multiple times.
  5. Warm your audience up. Send out your very best appreciative and loving emails to your supporters. Show the love on your website.
  6. Have some fun! Your ambassadors are voluntarily doing something great for you. Remember one of my favorite Peter Drucker quotes: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun at what they’re doing.”

Don’t just shake the tin cup, make #GivingTuesday a wonderful crowdfunding opportunity for your organization.

Image Source: -Used with permission.

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