It’s Employee Buy-in 101. We all know that part of how we get employees to embrace and actively participate in the work we want and need them to do is to enlist their input.

As fundraising professionals, we want staff buy-in—that’s part, after all, of the elusive, holy grail of a culture of philanthropy. In addition, practically, we often need the help of our non-fundraising peers to execute fundraising strategy.

The process of asking for, considering, listening to, and responding to the input of our non-fundraising colleagues can be time-consuming. In the throws of our end-of-year campaign or the final few weeks before the gala, enlisting advice isn’t always realistically feasible. At that point in the fundraising cycle, we just need help.

So get staff input now.

Right now, during the ‘slow’ season of the year, is a great time to talk with your non-fundraising staff colleagues, your board members, and your volunteers. It’s a great time to hear their ideas, listen to their feedback, and to brainstorm. Enlist their help now.

Need some good resources? This site, EnvatoTuts+ which specializes in fueling creativity, has multiple resources on brainstorming as a technique for getting ideas and employee input as part of their The Ultimate Guide to Better Brainstorming Techniques.

Whether you thought of your End-of-Year and #GivingTuesday blur of activities as a “campaign” or not, it probably was or should have been. Now that the campaign has been completed and you’ve finished your thank you notes, pause and reflect on what you and your organization just did. Take some notes. Spend time with your colleagues (especially those outside of the development department) to talk about and make notes of their observations and impressions. Work now on buy-in with them so when the end of the year rolls around this year (and it will in the blink of an eye), you’ll have

  1. Learned from your colleagues
  2. Hopefully, captured some good ideas before your move forward and forget them
  3. Built up some good will with other staff by considering their point of view
  4. Increased your staff buy-in of your fundraising strategies
  5. Furthered your culture of philanthropy

—5 great reasons to spend time brainstorming, advice seeking, and getting buy-in now for the rest of the fundraising year!

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash.

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