An Empathy Gap?

A new study conducted by researchers at Stanford, suggests that there is an “empathy gap” between men and women that affects charitable giving.  

To study differences in men and women and charitable giving, the researchers tested responses to appeals for support for a fictional organization they called the Coalition to Reduce Poverty.

The study broke the 1,1715-person sample into 5 test groups and compared the responses of men and women in each of the sub-samples. 

3 Great Reasons Companies Should Sponsor You

3 Great Reasons Companies Should Sponsor You

ponsorships can make the difference between an event being successful and an event being a failure.  Sponsorship dollars are critical.  Fortunately, sponsorship dollars are something that are easy to raise (yes, you read that right) – easy because they are a win-winCompanies receive several benefits from sponsorships:

  1. Corporate sponsorships provide companies benefits with their customers
  2. They increase employee productivity and loyalty, and
  3. They offer traditional marketing benefits like name/brand recognition in the community.
Like a Dog with a Bone

Like a Dog with a Bone

At this time of year, a good fundraiser is like a dog with a bone. She’s sunk her teeth into the organization’s fundraising goal and she’s unwilling to let go.

And with good reason. There are still things you can do to make your goals. Don’t give up on your goal or on yourself. There are 5 and ½ weeks left in the year. If you haven’t yet met your fundraising goals for the year – It’s not too late!