Pitching Change

Pitching Change

Gaining the buy-in of our board, Executive Director, or colleagues can be challenging, but as David Novak, long-time CEO of Yum! and author of Taking People with You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen argues, “You can go only so far by going it alone…If you want to raise money for a good cause…You’ll never accomplish anything big if you try to do it alone” (2012: page 1)

So the question becomes, how can we as executive directors, development directors, or communications directors best pitch our ideas so that our internal stakeholders will adopt them?

Building the Donor Pipeline

The 2013 donor retention rates are in:  39%.  Annually, we lose 61% of all our donors.

With donor retention rates at all-time lows, one of the things that all nonprofit organizations have to work toward is acquiring new donors.  We have to keep the building the pipline by finding new donors.

With good reason, much has been written about how to retain donors and people across our profession, in workshops, webinars, conference presentations, journals, and blogs have advised, coached, and advocated that we take steps to stem the tide of donor attrition.  This is all excellent advice.  We do absolutely need to work to retain our existing donors—especially since an existing donor costs less to retain than a new one does to acquire—but even if we’re able to improve retention 10-20%, we’re still in need of aggressive annual efforts to acquire new donors.