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Board Annual Work Plan:

This is a calendar of the work (by major category) of the work of the board of directors in a customizable excel spreadsheet. This is an easy way to give your board a good visual picture of the year (and, it’s one of our most requested free resources). Download here.


Board Development Committee Job Description

This will help your board’s development committee understand its role in fundraising. Download here.



Board Minutes Template

There is no one right way to record minutes of a board meeting, but I’ve worked with several organizations that like this format because it is focused on decisions made and follow up actions. Download here.



Sample Board Dashboard

This spreadsheet gives your board a snapshot of program, development, and finance metrics for the current month compared with the same month year prior as well as the same data for the YTD and YTD one year prior. The spreadsheet also suggests some alternate metrics you might want to use, depending on the mission of your organization. Download here.

Special Events Toolbox

A simple list, but a life saver! These are items that I make sure are in my car before heading out to set up for a special event. More than once I’ve thought “I’ll never need that” (and then, needed it). Download here.





Special Event Evaluation

With this spreadsheet, you can look at several metrics on your special events, including their ROI.  The spreadsheet allows for year-over-year comparison for repeat events. A separate tab in the worksheet lists questions for discussion and consideration as you evaluate your events with your team and/or board of directors. Download here.








Free eBook

This ebook discusses 101 ideas for finding and nurturing new friends (and hopefully future donors) for your organization.

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